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While I was serving as the head of Distribution of Charter House International (Pvt) Limited I first met Mr. Dilantha Anil Wijesinghe who was appointed as a Management Consultant in September 2009. At the time he joined the Company Charter House International was generating a turnover of around Rs. lOOM and was running at losses for a period of over 4 years. He was introduced to the Company as a top management consultant who was to advice and support the board of Directors to resurrect the Company.

He brought with him marketing knowledge, management best practices, and strategic management solutions to resolve the serious and complex challenges we were facing. Within a few weeks he studied the Companies operations and then commenced restructuring the Company by introducing new processes and management systems that Charter House had never practiced before.

He prepared and organization structure and restructured the entire organization and fitted the then existing staff members in to clear operational teams and appointed team leaders. He also commenced human resource development activities and strategic planning involving the entire executive team to commence annual business planning which was new to the Company.

He commenced weekly meetings and conducted them totally professionally to review the plans made. He also commenced monthly conferences involving all operational team members and presentations were carried out by all responsible to the entire board of Directors including the Chairman.

Within the first few months the Company management realized that Mr.Wijesinhe’s contribution was enormous and the Company was moving forward in the right direction. Within the 1st 3 months he conducted a workshop involving the entire operational team and had a brain storming full day session and was able to extract the ideas of all team members successfully.

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The business plans made were soon implemented and reviewed weekly and monthly. The marketing plans and promotional plans implemented brought amazing results that Charter House never had experienced before. He identified the strengths of the Company and helped the Company use these professionally to capitalize on the market opportunities. Within the 1st year of operations since he came in Charter House made the best ever profits in it’s history and by the 2nd year the best year performance was doubled.

In appreciation of his contribution, the Board of Directors appointed him as consultant Deputy Chairman in 2010. 

In 2010 it was revealed that the AGM of the Company had planned to remove the Grohe Agency from Charter House by working together with a powerful businessman and a Director of Grohe India. At this time Mr. Wijesinghe risked his life virtually and worked round the clock along with some of the loyal staff members and almost single handed was personally instrumental in helping the Company retain the Grohe Agency which accounted and contributed to almost 90% of the share of the revenue of the Company. 

Mr. Wijesinghe personally carried out training programmes and successfully implemented new systems and procedures including sales administration, Import ordering procedures, Financial disciplines including credit control systems, HR procedures etc. He helped us to identify the changes required and under difficult conditioned applied strategic and diplomatic pressure to implement these systems. 

He helped to develop the entire corporate image of Charter House and commenced for the 1st time promotional campaigns the entire industry had never experienced. He revolutionized the entire market and within 2 years Grohe became the market leader commanding and market share in the top end of over 70%. He was officially commended by the Chairman for the amazing work carried out being a part time consultant deputy Chairman. Charter House could not have ever seen such success without Mr. Wijesinghe’s help and strategic and visionary thinking.

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A Company that had no vision, Mission, Goals and strategic plans to grow he introduced a vision which was achieved within 3 years. The Vision was to be the leader in the top end of the brands of the sanitary fittings market. In the distribution the Company increased the dealer network rapidly and strategies to penetrate the market were used.

In addition market development and product development strategies were implemented. He also arranged 100% reimbursement of A & P expenses from Grohe. The Projects division was restructured by him and a strong theme was introduced “In It To Win It”.

Within the fist 2 years of his taking responsibility as the consultant Deputy Chairman Charter House commenced winning most of the large projects too. The customer relationships improved rapidly with the introduction of key account management and the appointment of Key account managers.

Mr. Wijesinghe also maintained a very good and professional relationship with all the principals including Grohe. He was also instrumental in building close and long lasting relationships with the Key customers. He introduced MBO to Charter House and implemented the management system where team members were professionally evaluated annually. He also introduced incentive schemes successfully.

As I personally experienced the amount of success he brought to Charter House International I invited him to carry out Consultancy work for the Company I now work for, INVO Lanka International Pvt Ltd.

I have given below an account of some of the work he carried out during his period of consultancy.

In addition he also covered the following areas as part of his achievements.


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